June Shannon showed off her dramatic slim down from 460 pounds to a size four during Friday night’s finale of her WE reality show “Mama June: From Hot to Not.”

Shannon showed off her new figure at the best possible venue: Her ex-boyfriend Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson’s wedding. Thompson married his new gal, Jennifer.

To achieve the weightloss, Shannon maintained a strict diet and exercise program. She underwent surgeries that included a gastric sleeve and skin removal. She had a boob job and lift.

But what price did the TV matriarch pay for the incredible weight loss?

Viewers saw a closing “bonus” scene that showed Shannon doubled over in pain.

“My stomach, I can’t even get up,” she told her daughters Alana “Honey Boo Boo” and Lauryn “Pumpkin.” “I should have gone to the hospital last night.”

Earlier in the show, doctors warned Shannon that her surgeries could be risky and result in blood clots or infection.

Shannon told the cameras the pain was worse than any of her three surgeries. “I really hope I haven’t pushed my body too far,” she said.

Shannon’s illness at episode’s end overshadowed how she triumphantly attended her ex’s wedding in a fiery red dress.

She found herself with no date for the wedding — and learned that the new wife, Jennifer, had dis-invited her after previously saying she could come with “Sugar Bear” and June’s daughter, Alana.

But after Alana told “Sugar Bear” she wouldn’t attend unless “Mama” was also invited, he relented.

June said she wanted to be at the Georgia wedding to support Alana as she walked her father down the aisle.

June, accompanied by Alana and her personal trainer Kenya, went back to the home she used to share with “Sugar Bear,” marveling at the fact that, “when I left this town I was 450 pounds.”

“I found out this bastard was cheating on me and one of the women was Jennifer,” she told Kenya about baby daddy, “Sugar Bear,” whom she never actually wed.

When they arrived at the house and “Sugar Bear” saw his ex, he told the WE cameras, “I’m speechless. She looks like a total complete different person.

“I’m kind of glad she lost all that weight. That way she can kind of be healthy. But on the other hand, I’m not in love with her any more. I’ve got a new woman. But hey, if she feels good about herself, I feel good, too,” he said.

“Sugar Bear” invited her in the home, which turned ugly when Jennifer came in and asked what she was doing there.

“I didn’t invite you in. It’s my day,” the bride fumed. “You’ve always been a b-tch…that’s why you don’t have him anymore,” Jennifer said. “Get out of my house!”

June took the high road, wishing them a happy life together and leaving.

Although everyone feared problems at the wedding itself, slim June made a grand entrance and enjoyed watching Alana walking down the aisle with her dad.

“Sugar Bear” and Jennifer recited their vows while June thought, “He’s your problem, now.”

Later that night, June built a campfire in the woods so her daughters could burn her old extra-large clothing.

Unfortunately, the next day, reality TV’s famed “Mama” was rushed to the hospital.

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