Day: April 10, 2017


Miss Montana's big scandal

No Miss Congeniality here.

A former beauty pageant winner has been accused of mocking her students in a series of offensive posts on social media.

Sheridan Tihista, who won the title of Miss Montana in 2013, is being investigated by a middle school in North Dakota, where she is now a special education teacher, for tweeting about her students.

According to WDAY News, a group of concerned parents anonymously sent Liberty Middle School in West Fargo, North Dakota, a list of social media posts sent out by Tihista.

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In the tweets, which have since been deleted, Tihista referred to her students as “monsters” and “satan.”

The special education teacher told WDAY News, “My tweets may have been distasteful but don’t illustrate what kind of educator I am.”

This isn’t the first time the beauty pageant winner has made the news. In 2014, she claimed her sorority at Minnesota State University Moorhead bullied her.

“Out of the blue was told that I was probably the most hated woman to go through Gamma Phi and that my membership would have to be voted on,” Tihista told WDAY TV at the time.

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Jenna’s strange baby name

Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon recently welcomed twins and then teased that the baby’s names would both start with mom’s first letter “M.”

Later, we learned that the baby girl was named Monroe Cannon, after Mariah’s beloved inspiration, Marilyn Monroe. Ok, fine.

But the baby boy was given the name Moroccan Scott Cannon, named after the room in their home where Nick proposed.

No, that’s not Morocco. It’s Moroccan. As in the nationality. 

Click through to see more of Hollywood’s crazy baby name choices.

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Bill Clinton gifts George H.W. Bush new socks

Former President Bill Clinton spent time on Sunday with his predecessor George H.W. Bush in Texas.

In a photo posted on Twitter, Clinton is shown giving the former president a green pair of socks with dogs and another pair in blue with bees.

“Great to spend time with [George H.W. Bush] & Mrs. Bush in Houston today. We caught up about kids, grandkids, old times and new times. And socks,” Clinton tweeted Sunday.

The 41st president has become known for his extensive collection of patterned socks.


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Carolina’s Bryan Bickell, diagnosed with MS, nets first shootout goal in final NHL game

Bryan Bickell’s 10-year hockey career ended on an emotional note Sunday, after he netted his first shootout goal and helped lift his Carolina Hurricanes to a 4-3 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers. Bickell, who made a triumphant return to the ice last week, announced his retirement from the game Saturday after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in November.

The weekend was chock-full of emotions for the three-time Stanley Cup winner, who was a guest of honor at the 2017 Walk MS at PNC Arena on Saturday. Bickell, 31, was wrapping up a speech to the crowd when his teammates surprised him and showed up wearing T-shirts with his 29 emblazoned on them and the slogan, “Bickell Brave.”


Follow his diagnosis, Bickell spent time away from the rink  concentrating on his health.

“I’ve made the decision with my family that I’m going to call it quits, so it’s just these last two games,” Bickell said Saturday, according to “As the weeks go on in the month, it’s like running low on gas. You just kind of fade off. Some symptoms come, but when you get treatment, you feel energized and full of life. Hopefully it will bring a spark [Saturday] and [Sunday]”

Though Carolina ended their season short of a playoff berth, Bickell was named a starter for the final two games, and on Sunday night got the nod from Coach Bill Peters to take the first shot. Bickell, who had two failed shootout attempts during his time with the Chicago Blackhawks, was mobbed by his teammates after the puck went in.


“I think I sweated all the tears out, so I don’t have much left,” Bickell said according to The Associated Press. “It’s been an emotional week leading into this day. Seeing my family here, all the people that supported me through it all, I’m just happy.”

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS is an unpredictable disease that attacks the central nervous system and disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body. The severity of the disease cannot be predicted and most patients are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50.

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Rare Titanic photo surfaces

A rare photograph of the Titanic, likely taken the day before she set sail on her fateful maiden voyage, is up for auction in the U.K.

The sepia image, which measures 18 inches x 11 inches, was probably taken on April 9 1912 at Titanic’s berth in Southampton, U.K., according to auction house Henry Aldridge & Son.

“The clarity and detail are astonishing,” explained Henry Aldridge & Son auctioneer Andrew Aldridge, in an email to Fox News. “It’s truly incredible and certainly the most detailed [Titanic photograph] I have seen.” The image, he noted, shows rappelling window cleaners and even a workman on a gantry touching up the paint work on Titanic’s hull.


The photograph was purchased with other marine-related images in a Paris flea market over 40 years ago.

Given the incredible detail in the image, the photo was almost certainly captured on a glass-plate camera, according to Aldridge. An early camera technology, glass-plate devices capture images by exposing thin glass plates to light.

Titanic struck an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. ship’s time on April 14 1912 and sank just over two hours later with the loss of more than 1,500 lives.


The photograph, which will be auctioned on April 22, has a pre-sale estimate of $6,208 to $9,933.

Henry Aldridge & Son is also auctioning an extremely rare gold medal that was awarded to Horace John Dean, first officer of the Carpathia, which rescued 705 survivors of the Titanic’s sinking on April 15, 1912. “Fourteen gold medals were awarded to the most senior crew members and only a handful have ever been sold, to our knowledge, at auction and none from such a senior Officer,” Aldridge explained, via email. “This is only the second one we have handled in over 25 years.”

The medal has a pre-sale estimate of $31,048 to $37,258.


A number of artifacts from the doomed ship were auctioned in the U.K. last year with the sextant used by the captain of rescue ship Carpathia selling for just under $97,000. Three photos and a handwritten note detailing the grisly discovery of Titanic’s last lifeboat were sold for $6,800.

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5 benefits of watching porn

We’re big fans of porn for women—that is, effective masturbation material that doesn’t exploit actors or portray women in negative and harmful ways. But the other side of the pro-porn coin is how watching it can affect your actual sex life and relationships. But while you can have too much of a good thing, watching a lot of porn isn’t a problem unless it’s harming you.

Plus, visiting your favorite porn site could actually have some surprising benefits. And the good news is, there are plenty of sites that provide empowering porn for women, so you can always find something you like.

Here are a few scientifically-proven perks of watching porn:

1. It makes you a better date
A new study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that people who looked at nude photos were more likely to open up to a stranger than those who looked at fish (don’t ask us why the comparison was fish). They were also more likely to want to talk to the stranger again. Given how nerve-racking a first date can be, we’ll take any non-alcoholic social lubricant we can get.

2. Porn viewers are often more feminist
It may sound counterintuitive, but people who watch porn regularly are more likely to be pro-choice, support female leaders, and advocate for working women, according to a study in The Journal of Sex Research. They’re not necessarily this way because of porn, but the overlap is interesting to note, and it makes sense that sex positivity could also speak to someone’s political views.

3. It can improve your sex life
A 2008 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that people who watched porn reported more satisfying sex lives—which is not too surprising if you think about it. Exploring your sexuality and knowing what you like—often by seeing someone else do it first—are crucial to asking for what you want in bed.

4. It’s a stress-reliever
Nearly a quarter of women are less stressed out after watching porn, according to an Ann Summers survey. Anything that can take your mind off the current political climate for a few minutes, right?

5. It can strengthen your relationship when you enjoy it with your partner
The Anne Summers survey also found that couples who regularly watched porn together were more committed, and over half of women said it improved their sex lives. Plus, a recent study in The Journal of Sex Research found that sexually satisfied couples were more likely to share their fantasies, and porn is one great way to introduce that topic.

So if you’ve ever felt guilty for visiting porn sites once in a while—or a lot—fear not! It could be making you a better date, lover, and significant other.

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Tennessee Amber Alert: Family of Elizabeth Thomas makes legal plea for more information

A courthouse hearing for missing AMBER Alert teen Elizabeth Thomas will be held this morning as the Thomas family pleas for more information.

Thomas’ father is petitioning the Maury County court to have witnesses and those who might have information in the case to come forward.

In documents filed by the family last week, the family claims Thomas’ abductor -former teacher Tad Cummins- threatened Thomas, groomed her, and stalked her.

The family is calling for people who might have information to step forward in an effort to document what they know. The family states in the document “with each passing week that Cummins and the child are gone, the memories of these witnesses potentially become less clear and more subject to ultimate scrutiny when the above causes of action are heard at trial.”

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The Thomas family contends many people who might have information have not shared what is known.

Read more from FOX 17 News.

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NASA astronaut, Russian cosmonauts return to Earth

Three astronauts from the International Space Station have successfully landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan — two from Russia and one from the United States.

NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough and Russia’s Sergei Ryzhikov and Andrei Borisenko touched down at 5:20 p.m. local time Monday after spending 173 days in space.

NASA’s Peggy Whitson, Russia’s Oleg Novitsky and the European Space Agency’s Thomas Pesquet will operate the orbiting space lab until another crew arrives this weekend.

The 57-year old Whitson was supposed to return to Earth in June but NASA announced last week that she would stay on the space station until September. Whitson has already spent more time in space than any other woman and just last week set a record for the most spacewalks by a woman, with eight.

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Egypt terror ensnares Israel as border crossing closed – Survivors detail harrowing accounts of twin bombings

Warnings of an “imminent” terror attack forced Israel to close its Taba border crossing to the Sinai peninsula Monday, one day after terrorists in Egypt bombed two Christian churches, killing dozens of worshippers on Palm Sunday.

Soon after the announcement, rocket attack sirens wailed in parts of the region. The military said a rocket fired from Sinai exploded in southern Israel, hitting a greenhouse but causing no injuries. The Islamic State terror group later claimed responsibility for the attack.


Israel urged its citizens to leave Egypt immediately, hours before the start of the Passover holiday, when Sinai is a popular destination for many secular Israelis. Yisrael Katz, Israel’s transportation and intelligence minister, said in a statement Monday there was intel regarding a potential “terror attack” against tourists in the Sinai peninsula.

The crossing remains open for those wanting to return from Egypt. Foreign nationals also would be able to cross the border, Haaretz reported.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement Monday sending Israel’s “condolences to the families of those who were murdered in yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Egypt” and wishing a “quick and full recovery to the wounded.”

He said “the world must unite and fight terrorism everywhere.”

The Israeli government statement says that intelligence information shows “increased activity by Islamic State” militants in Sinai. It adds that with the Islamic State group losing ground in Iraq and Syria, there is renewed “motivation to carry out terror attacks in different arenas at this time.”

Israel called on its citizens to leave Egypt on the eve of the Passover holiday that commemorates the biblical Exodus story of the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt.

The weeklong festival is widely celebrated in Israel even among otherwise nonreligious Jews. But southern Sinai, with its pristine beaches and Red Sea coral reefs, has traditionally been a popular Israeli tourist destination — especially for secular Israelis during the Passover holiday.

Israel mostly shuts down after sundown for the holiday, as families and friends gather for Seder, the ritual multi-course meal where the story of the exodus from Egypt is discussed in detail so that the tradition is preserved throughout the generations.

Leavened goods like bread and items made from yeast such as beer are banned during the holiday.  Instead, Jews eat matzo — unleavened bread — to illustrate how the Israelites had no time to let their bread rise as they fled from bondage in the land of the Pharaohs.

Despite the relaxing draw of Sinai, tourism there has declined since 2013, when the Egyptian military overthrew an elected Islamist president and an Islamic insurgency based in northern Sinai intensified.  Rocket attacks on Israel from Sinai are relatively rare but Islamic militants there have been behind a few attacks in recent years. Egypt has been battling the militants, many linked to the Islamic State group.

Israel issues travel recommendations from time to time based on intelligence reports. Monday’s travel warning was unusual in its urgency and it is rare for the Taba crossing to be shut down.

Israel signed a peace treaty with neighboring Egypt in 1979 and the two countries maintain close security cooperation.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Cancer-detecting gum may soon be available

You won’t find it in your local candy store, but soon there may be a new chewing gum that could help save your life.

It isn’t Juicy Fruit or Bazooka, but a gum being developed by an Alabama company called Volatile Analysis that’s designed to determine whether a person has cancer.


The gum absorbs what are known as “volatiles” in a person’s saliva as they chew it, then the chewed gum is analyzed to determine whether it contains certain chemicals produced in the body when a person has cancer.

Katherine Bazemore, president and CEO of Volatile Analysis explained that there are chemicals produced in the body called volatile organic compounds, and they are unique to each type of cancer. By determining which of those compounds are found in the gum, doctors can tell which type of cancer is present in the patient.


The reason for using chewing gum, Bazemore said, is because it remains in your mouth over an extended period of time and is durable enough to withstand testing.

With use of the gum, patients would no longer need to go through blood tests or urine analysis. 

According to the National Cancer Institute there were an estimated 1.5 million new cancer cases diagnosed in 2016.   

“Over the last 15 years there have been a lot of attempts with different products and processes for early detection of cancer,” Dr. Leonard Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, said. 


Scientists have looked at breath samples, urine samples and even dogs that might be able to smell cancer.

“None of these efforts are proven to detect cancer early,” Lichetenfeld said.

The gum is still in the testing stage so it may be too early to determine how well it will work. But the company is hoping to make the gum available to doctors and patients sometime next year.

While you may not be able to blow bubbles with it, Bazemore promises the gum will come in flavors that taste just like candy.

Ruth Ravve joined the Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1996 and currently serves as a Chicago-based producer.

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