Police in the Norwegian capital of Oslo cordoned off a large section of a busy commercial street Saturday night after finding what they describe as a “bomb-like” device.

The official police Twitter account said one man has been arrested and bomb disposal experts are on the scene.

“It seems like this device only has potential for causing limited damage … we’re now awaiting further necessary investigations,” the police tweeted.

Police swept through the area to remove people from bars and restaurants.

“Every restaurant was being closed,” said 23-year-old Malin Myrvold, who witnessed the scene from a fourth-story window. “You could see cops in heavy armor going in every store and restaurant.”

“We were trying to see what was going on. The police were screaming at us to get back inside and stay where we were,” she added by telephone.

Oslo’s Groenland area, a multi-ethnic neighborhood that is home to popular bars and restaurants as well as several mosques, is also where the city’s main police station is located, less than a kilometer away from where the device was found.

Norway was put on high alert after neighboring Sweden suffered a truck attack in the capital Thursday that killed four people and injured 15.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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