Who scares you more: President Donald Trump or the Islamic State? For some Harvard University students, the U.S. president is the bigger threat. 

CampusReform.org conducted the survey among the Ivy League students this week to see if Trump was viewed as more of a danger to Americans than the terror organization. 

“We always see students that are saying everything threatens them in the world and they are always being taught by the media the sensationalist idea that everything Donald Trump does must be the end of the world,” Cabot Phillips, a contributor at CampusReform.org, said Thursday on “Fox & Friends.”


Phillips said his poll found more students are more scared of Trump’s policies because for years, former President Barack Obama reassured that “ISIS is a J.V. team, they’re not this real threat.” 

“Also it’s the professors and the media who, again, are constantly saying, look, Donald Trump is the real threat here,” Phillips said. 


“I think more of [Trump’s] policies mainly because I think terrorism really isn’t that big of a deal,” a Harvard student said, reiterating that ISIS was less of a threat. 

These opinions persist despite reports from Syria on attacks carried out by ISIS, including the most recent on Wednesday when 33 people were killed execution-style by militants, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. 

Students have even created an anti-Trump “resistance school” to fight back against the president’s policies and agenda. 

A man said during the questionnaire he saw Trump as an immediate danger to his “everyday life.” 

“Do I think ISIS is going to cause a threat to me living my everyday life? Not really. Do I think the rhetoric that Donald Trump is using and empowering these  folks hidden in a corner for a long time with hateful views…Do I think that’s more of a threat than ISIS? Yes,” he said. 

While not all students believe Trump is the main threat to American society, the ones who don’t are constantly shut down, Phillips told “Fox & Friends.”

“It’s very hard on campus for conservatives to speak out because there’s so much tension right now in our country,” one woman said. 

Phillips added that students don’t believe they are invincible. 

“It’s not that they fear nothing, is that they fear the wrong things.”

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