Is Paris Hilton getting ready to settle down after years of partying?

The 36-year-old hotel heiress told E! News that her boyfriend, 31-year-old actor and model Chris Zylka, is definitely “the One.”


“I’ve never been sure of anything in my life,” said Hilton to the celebrity news site. “He’s so incredible in every way. We’ve actually been friends for a really long time, like the past six years. We just now started being serious in the past few months and it’s really just changed my life in so many ways and brought so much happiness in my life. I feel so safe and he’s so special. We’re best friends and we’re together every minute. I don’t know what else I could ask for. He’s perfect for me.”

Hilton also added that’s she’s now thinking about taking on a new role: motherhood.

“Before I met [my niece, Lily Rothschild], I mostly cared about my business and my brand and traveling and I just thought I’d never have time, but especially after meeting her and me being in such an amazing place in my life and being so happy and in love, I can’t wait to [have a baby] one day,” she explained. “It’s just the meaning of life to have a family of your own and bring children into the world, so I cannot wait to do that one day.”


Hilton previously told Fox News that not only has she cut down on partying to focus on her career as an entrepreneur, but she’s happily moved on from her reality TV years.

“I get calls every single day from networks and companies pitching ideas for a show,” she said. “Every single day. I really enjoyed being a pioneer in the reality television world, but now I’m on to bigger and better things. I don’t know I’m just not into the whole reality thing anymore at all. I just see myself more as a businesswoman now and that’s what I really prefer to put my focus on now.”

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