Peter Lundgren – a right-wing politician of the Sweden Democrats party who hailed Article 50 “a breath of fresh air” – says his homeland is next in line for its very own “Swexit”.

Speaking to The Express, Mr Lundgren said: “The British people have shown the rest of Europe it’s possible to leave.

“At last we have a breath of fresh air.

“That’s why I believe that we will be the biggest party in the next year’s election in Sweden and we will also push the demand for having a renegotiation of the trade agreements with the European Union, for the membership.

“And we will also put it up to a referendum where people will have their say and then I’m hopeful that we also can follow Britain’s example.”

A YouGov poll has shown that 39% of Swedes wish to leave the EU, and an election is to be held in September.

As of 12.30pm on March 29, the UK was set on a course to leave the EU by March 29, 2019.

The PM sent an official letter invoking Article 50 to be delivered to Donald Tusk.

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