These are the never-before-seen photos of evil Adolf Hitler produced by the Nazis to try and show what a nice chap he was.

Hundreds of black-and-white images show the Nazi dictator grinning and interacting with children in an effort to portray him as a “personal friend and guardian of the German youth”.

At the time, the propaganda worked as thousands of young people came to believe Hitler as a personal friend and father figure.

Thus, through the encouragement of the many youth organisations were set up for that very purpose.

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There were also numerous pictures depicting Hitler working tirelessly for the German people – even though historically, he was known not to be a morning person who rarely woke up before midday.

The series of propaganda postcards have been published in Hitler’s Alpine Headquarters by James Wilson – which takes a look at how Hitler transformed the small mountainside region of Obersalzberg into his home and the Nazis’ southern headquarters.

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