Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos says at least 112 people have been killed after intense rains triggered an avalanche of mud and water from overflowing rivers that swept through a small city.

Santos arrived at the disaster zone Saturday, warning the death toll could rise as the search for survivors continues.

The incident triggered by intense rains left at least 65 people injured in Mocoa, a city of 350,000 people located near Colombia’s border with Ecuador.

Carlos Ivan Marquez with Colombia’s national disaster agency says the river flooded around midnight, catching unsuspecting residents off guard in the early Saturday hours.

A surgeon at the local hospital says he believes there are at least 300 people injured and that doctors are running out of blood.

Witnesses described feeling buildings vibrate and say there was little time to seek refuge, catching some victims off guard in their sleep.

Images shared by residents online showed vast areas filled with wood planks and other debris.

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