The “Property Brothers” have gotten lucky in love — but things weren’t so easy for the duo.

Jonathan Scott opened up about his previous marriage to People Magazine. The HGTV star has previously been pretty quiet about his romantic past.

“We were young, and there was a rush going into it,” explained Jonathan Scott to People Magazine about marriage.

He added that the union was brief.

The HGTV star was then singe for a long stretch of time and found himself third-wheeling on his brother’s dates. 

Even after sibling Drew Scott started living with his then-girlfiend Linda Phan in 2012, Jonathan still continued to live with his brother. Today, the brothers still share a home in Las Vegas that they use at times.  


Phan, who also works for the brothers’ company as creative director, told the celebrity news publication that it wasn’t all that strange living with her fiancé and his twin.

“People were always like, ‘Isn’t that weird?’ But there’s an ease to it,” she explained. “You wake up and you go to work. It’s nice and really convenient to be able to have meetings with the people you live with.”

Fortunately, Jonathan won’t need to tag along on dates much longer. He’s currently involved with Jacinta Kuznetsov, a development producer at the brothers’ Scott Entertainment.

“This is the most humbling, unexpected, fantastic place to be in my life,” said Jonathan about his new relationship. “I’ve never been happier.” 


Jonathan and Jacinta are now based in Toronto, whereas Drew and Linda recently purchased a place of their own in Los Angeles. The house that the brothers share in Las Vegas has since been transformed into a family compound.

As stars of a top HGTV series with spinoff shows, a bestselling book, a production company and a collection of décor, the duo are ready for the next step in their lives.

“I’m definitely looking forward to having kids,” said Drew. “Linda and I have talked about it, and we’re considering adopting.”

“I love kids, and I get along great with kids,” added Jonathan. “Plus I’m very immature, so that helps. If I had to picture what a joyous life is, it would be working with my family [and] having a beautiful partner who supports me and has her own passions.”

“This is it,” said Drew. “This is happiness.”

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