Two newly graduated police officers were assigned to the same precinct, had the same last name – Molina – and were locker neighbors. When their assignments often got mixed up in the New York City precinct, they laughed it off.

Then one day the older Molina, Yadarquiris, remembered: a long time ago her mother told her she had a sister somewhere. She became increasingly curious, as the two women grew closer out of their natural affinity.

“One day she said ‘it would be funny if we were family’ and we started laughing,” Jazmin Molina recalled in a story first reported by Telemundo.

“I said ‘maybe, because I don’t know my father’s side of the family’,” she added.

And that’s when they realized they had the same father, Hector Molina, who has since passed away and never got a chance to see his daughters reunited.

The sisters say they don’t believe in coincidence but in God’s will to make their paths cross in such a serendipitous way.

“I feel at peace because we found each other,” said Yadarquiris.

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