The last time Courtney Connolly saw her stolen wallet was back in the summer of 2009, right before it was taken out of her car during a summer internship.

She had given up on getting it back years ago, but then on Monday, a Boston police officer found it.

It was like the wallet hadn’t ever gone missing.


“The cash was never used! The credit cards were never used! My social security number was never used!” said Connolly.

Someone had handed the wallet to a Boston Police Officer, who found an address on Courtney’s old pay stub and gave it to her sister-in-law.

“My first reaction was – I think I sent her a question mark,” she said.

Courtney says the timing is more than just coincidence. Her passion is powerlifting. But as a nursing student, money is tight and she needed about $141 to enter a powerlifting competition. Inside the wallet? $141 from when she cashed her pay check eight years ago.

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