A TV host claims Pamela Anderson stormed off his set after he showed an old photo of her from before she was famous.

Keith Lemon, who hosts the U.K.’s “Celebrity Juice,” told The Sun Anderson bailed on him mid-show.

“She just suddenly picked up her fur stole and stormed off home!” Lemon told The Sun. “At first I thought it might be because she didn’t want to play a game that involved putting chips up her nose, but it wasn’t, it was because we showed an old school picture of her and she didn’t like it.

He said Pam told one of the show’s producers, “‘I’m not happy, I have clearance on all my pictures, I’m not happy you showed that.’”

“She could’ve just said, ‘Keith I have to go, I’m meeting a friend’, but no, she just stormed without even saying sorry,” he claimed.

Anderson has yet to comment on Lemon’s claims. She has appeared on the show in the past.

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