A teen’s arrest in Florida for underage drinking led to a surprising letter for the local sheriff: a thank-you note from the girl’s mother.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office received the note late last week, Sheriff Michael Adkinson Jr. wrote on Facebook. In the letter, the unnamed mom said officers were respectful — and gave her daughter the treatment she deserved.


“The arrest scared the HELL out of her and I’m hoping she learned her lesson. The reason that I am sending this is that every officer that I talked to or that I could hear in the back ground talking to her was so nice,” part of the letter read.

The girl and several other Spring Breakers were arrested on March 15, Public Information Officer Corey Dobridnia told Fox 10.

“She was holding a can of beer on the beach. A stupid move that I warned her about before she left, but I’m just her mother, so ‘in one ear and out the other,'” the letter continued. “Each and every officer was respectful and assured me she would get back to her house safely. For a mom hundreds of miles away, that was very reassuring.”

The mom also wrote, “In this day, ‘cops’ are getting a bad rap. So, I wanted to say ‘thank you.'”

Walton County, on the Florida Panhandle, is about an hour’s drive east of Pensacola.

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