New Zealand reportedly expelled a U.S. diplomat after the embassy refused to waive diplomatic immunity during a police investigation.

The unnamed staffer allegedly was involved in an incident on March 12. Police requested to speak with the man, but the U.S. Embassy denied it, BBC reported Sunday.


New Zealand asked the U.S. to remove him from the country and they followed through with the request.

Police have not given any details about the alleged incident, which took place outside Wellington. New Zealand Radio reported the staffer suffered a broken nose and a black eye.

New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English said there was still no explanation as to why police wanted to question the staffer.

“We expect all diplomats here to obey our law, and if it is broken we would expect our police to investigate,” English said. “There are a set of procedures around how these things are dealt with diplomats. We regret they didn’t give us a waiver on immunity but they didn’t.”

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