A Miami man is facing charges after a woman told police he provided her with illegal injections during a botched at-home butt lift procedure that left her hospitalized. Carlos Gilberto Mendoza was arrested and charged with performing a medical procedure without a license, and illegally possessing prescription drugs with the intent to sell, The Miami Herald reported.

The victim, who was identified as Ileana Duarte, allegedly spent more than $4,000 on injections to her face and butt between May 2016 and February, NBC Miami reported. Duarte told police that a man and a woman told her they were injecting her with vitamins and a substance that would make her gluteus larger and harder.

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 “Any time you have anything done, even if it’s just a facial and you think it’s going to be at a house, at a friend’s house, I don’t recommend that, because there’s a lot of things that are unsanitary that happen,” an undercover detective told NBC Miami.

Mendoza, 49, was arrested at his home where police found lidocaine, botox and bacteriostatic water, The Miami Herald reported. 

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