Courteney Cox said she learns a lot from her 12-year-old daughter Coco, particularly when it comes to environmental issues.

Cox made an appearance at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability’s annual gala on Monday. She said the issues addressed at the gala are important to her, in part thanks to her daughter.

She said there isn’t one specific environmental issue that she is most concerned about.

“Everything from water to global warming all of it,” she told Fox News. “It’s hard to say just one. It’s about doing research. That’s what’s so amazing about this event and what UCLA is doing. They’re doing all the science that we need. We have to learn what they’re doing in order to make it into action.”

Cox added that her daughter attends a very progressive school, and “she knows more than I do. She teaches me everything,” the actress joked. 

Titled “Innovators for a Healthy Planet,” the gala was hosted by retired NBA player John Salley. 

Salley told Fox News he feels a strong connection to environmental issues because he is a vegan. 

“In 2000 it became all about the animals. I was one of those vegetarians who thought you could have other things. Then in 2008 I stopped lying to myself and became a real vegetarian and became a vegan,” he recalled.

At his home, Salley said, “I do the majority of cooking. It’s a ‘cruelty free’ house.”

The event honored Paul G. Allen and Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America. 

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