Amy Schumer’s highly anticipated stand-up special for Netflix is getting overwhelmingly negative reviews from users who are tuning in and rating it.

“Amy Schumer: The Leather Special” hit Netflix last week, and as the streaming service’s subscribers are starting to watching it, less-than-stellar reviews have been pouring in.

“I made it 10 minutes into this and shut it off,” one viewer review read. The user gave the special one-star out of five.

Another viewer added, “SO BAD!! I did stay and watch the whole show in hopes that it would get better, and it didn’t.”

Yet another one-star user review added, “It just drags on and on. I’m really disappointed.”

The special has nearly 1,200 user reviews and an overall average rating of 1.5 stars.

The stand-up special hasn’t done much better with TV critics.

The LA Times’ reviewer said the special was too over-the-top when it came to the R-rated content Schumer is known for. “’The Leather Special’ not only relies on… explicit themes, but kicks it all up a notch so there’s more of it — with more frequency and extremities. And as it turns out, that’s not a good thing.”

Newsday’s TV critic gave a similar message, rating the special with a C grade, writing it’s “too much” and “too carnal.”

The Detroit News called the special “funny but predictable.”

Schumer’s stand-up special for the streaming service was announced back in January.

At the time a Netflix exec stated, “Totally fearless and always hilarious, Amy Schumer’s bold and singular voice in comedy is a brilliant match for Netflix and our global comedy fans.”

Schumer previously released a 2015 stand-up special on HBO.

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