An NBA player was fined $35,000 and ejected from a game Tuesday after officials say he made a gun with his finger and gestured at a rival player.

Washington Wizards guard Brandon Jennings was ejected and later fined for the finger-pointing after the on-court altercation during a game with the Phoenix Suns.

The confrontation, between Wizards center Jason Smith and Suns guard Tyler Ulis, escalated to involve most of the players on the court. During the chaos, Jennings is seen pointing at Suns forward Jared Dudley.

“They said I pointed my finger like a gun at Dudley,” Jennings told the Washington Post. “I was telling Dudley to relax, like, calm down, because you’re not that type of guy,”

Dudley was fined for “escalating an altercation” by confronting and giving a head-butt to Smith after Smith knocked down Ulis with a hard screen.

Jennings was fined for ”making menacing gestures” during the incident. Video replays showed Jennings imitating that his fingers were a gun.

Both players were ejected in the first-quarter incident. The Wizards won the game 131-127.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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