House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Friday brushed off President Trump’s criticism of her as a terrible leader, and said Trump knows so little, his judgment should be questioned on everything.

“When a person who doesn’t know the size of the crowd or the size of the vote makes a statement about my leadership, I don’t trust his judgment,” she told Politico in an interview.

She said she appeared to rile up Trump by comparing him to Yogi Berra.

“What does he, I use the word loosely, think about these things?” she asked. “I said… and I think this is what got under his skin, I said: ‘He reminds me of the story about Yogi Berra. When Yogi Berra was a little boy he had a bad report card. In those days you had to have mother and father sign the report card. And mother being a little more lenient, father being a little more demanding—so he went to his father with his report card, it was a terrible report card, he said: ‘Yogi, don’t you know anything? And Yogi said: ‘I don’t even suspect anything.'”

“So I just don’t know what he thinks or what he knows,” Pelosi said. “But what I do know is that got under his skin and that was his comeback.”

During his speech before Congress on Tuesday, Trump called on lawmakers to put aside petty fights and appeared to point straight at the one-time House speaker.

“I have a hard time just watching what’s going on,” Pelosi told Politico Friday when asked for her reaction. He was upset “because I said he’s done nothing, nothing,” she said.

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