Former NPR host Diane Rehm used the occasion of a lifetime achievement award Wednesday to give the president the what for.

Like many award recipients lately, the recently retired media figure gave a mini anti-Donald Trump speech.

“We have been called the enemy of the people by the president of the United States. Today I heard a commentator say ‘You have to go back to Joseph Stalin to hear that kind of phrase,'” Rehm warned.

“We are told to shut up by high-ranking members of this administration,” she said, referring to White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s opinion that the press should “keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile.”

“We are told there are alternative facts,” she said, a dig at campaign manager turned presidential counsel Kellyanne Conway.

She told the press and politicians at the Washington Press Club Foundation’s annual Congressional Dinner, “We must not be intimidated” and “We must not shut up,” according to Politico media reporter Hadas Gold, who live tweeted the event.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, who came on after Rehm, tried to cut through some of the tension by saying “on behalf of Republicans in the room, we love the press.”

Though Scott did rib the reporters in the room a bit as well, with a sick burn of a former, disgraced news anchor.

The questions President Trump left unanswered

Also from the Washington Examiner

Even after the most successful speech of President Trump’s political career, questions about how he plans to govern remain.

03/02/17 12:24 AM

“Every time someone in the media reports fake news, does Brian Williams get a royalty?” he asked, entirely rhetorically.

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