President Trump is set to sign an executive order aimed at boosting historically black colleges and universities, known as HBCUs, on Tuesday amid a period of increased outreach to the institutions from high-level members of the administration.

The order will allow HBCU officials to serve as advisors to Trump on his urban agenda as well as increase the private sector’s role in the colleges and universities, a White House official said.

Trump’s executive order comes one day after Vice President Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos hosted representatives from dozens of HBCUs at a “listening session” in the executive office building next door to the White House.

“Our administration, at the president’s direction, is working to find new ways to expand your impact so that more students, especially in the underserved communities in this country, have the chance at a quality education,” Pence said at the outset of the meeting on Monday.

“We want to partner with you. We want to partner with you to help train the students of today to face the challenges and to lead in America tomorrow.”

Trump had personally welcomed some of the HBCU representatives in the Oval Office earlier Monday.

DeVos visited Howard University, a historically black school in Washington, D.C., as one of her first official acts as education secretary.

The president is also expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday related to Obama-era environmental regulations.

Ryan not bothered by lack of entitlement reform in Trump's budget

Also from the Washington Examiner

Speaker Paul Ryan isn’t bothered that President Trump’s budget outline doesn’t include any changes to entitlement spending because there is still time to make those reforms for future retirees.

“We’ve never proposed to change benefits for current seniors and people who are about to retire,” he said on NBC. “In the 10-year budget window … we have never proposed that.”

“These programs will be bankrupt by the time we get there, we need to reform them by the time we get there,” he added.

Ryan said Trump’s promise to hike military spending while cutting spending from other areas is part of a Republican plan to build up a “hollowed out” military.

02/28/17 7:49 AM

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