President Trump on Monday told a group of governors gathered at the White House that “we have to start winning wars again,” arguing “we don’t fight to win.”

“We have to start winning wars again,” Trump said in the State Dining Room of the White House. “I have to say, when I was young, in high school, and college, everybody used to say we never lost a war. We never lost a war. You remember. Some you were right there with me, and you remember? We never lost a war. America never lost.”

“And, now, we never win a war,” Trump said. “We never win. And we don’t fight to win.”

Trump pledged a significant increase in defense spending during his remarks.

“This budget will be a public safety and national security budget … and will include a historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America,” Trump said.

He added: “The Middle East is far worse than it was 16, 17 years ago. It’s not even a contest. So we have spent $6 trillion. We have a hornet’s nest. It’s a mess, like you’ve never seen before. We’re nowhere.”

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