Sheriff David Clarke, the Milwaukee cop who has become a conservative pundit, closed the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday with a full-throated defense of President Trump’s immigration plans and condemned his critics.

Clarke, the final speaker of CPAC, gave a speech far different than his firebrand personality that’s made him popular on Twitter and Fox News, perhaps with an eye toward his own political future. Delivered in a calm but forceful tone, Clarke reminded the crowd at the conservative gathering of his Trump-supporter bona fides and told them all it’s time to have Trump’s back in the battles to come.

Clarke said Trump’s plans to enforce current immigration law forcefully and deport more illegal immigrants were well within his duties as president. Democrats and immigration activists who have cried foul are not paying attention to what the law says, he argued.

“No new laws were created. No group was put at risk without affording them due process. The rights of none of our citizens … were imperiled in the least,” he said. “Instead, we merely restated what the laws were, what they have been and voiced an intent to see them upheld fairly.”

“In our modern times, that is viewed in some circles as oppressive, as controversial and as wrong. Seriously?”

Clarke, who has been rumored to be considering a potential Senate run in 2018 against incumbent Democratic Sen. Tammy Baldwin, used the speech to cement his place among Trump’s top supporters. At what became a celebration of Trump’s ascension to the top of conservatism, it was time for those in the room to go out and fight the president’s liberal critics, Clarke said.

He said Trump is a voice of pride for all the people who felt President Barack Obama was trying to temper American pride, or felt the former president chastised them too much for their way of life. The “conceited arrogance” of the Obama presidency had been washed away when Trump was inaugurated and it was a sign the people are taking back power in the United States, Clarke said.

“We were constantly told by former President Obama that America needed to humble itself,” Clarke said. “He told us that humility is a virtue. But, false humility is an affront to the senses and pride in the greatness and might of our nation has never been a sin.”

Clarke made the case that liberals are reeling and lashing out at Trump because that’s their only political recourse, but they’re overreacting. He said the country has not become “Orwellian” overnight and that Trump’s presidency has not ushered in a new time of “separate but equal” as some liberals may believe.

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“Come on now, seriously?” he said to cheers.

That feeling from the Left shows the anti-Trump movement is spoiling for a fight, Clarke said, and conservatives must be ready to rise up and defend the president.

He said it won’t be an easy flight and there are no easy answers, but there is a simple course of action: Have the courage to follow conservative convictions.

He closed his address with a command from a self-described career cop: “These are my marching orders: Go forth to stand and fight.”

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