Billionaire investor Warren Buffett claimed Saturday that today’s babies are history’s luckiest, striking a positive tone in his first public shareholder letter of the Trump era.

Predicting that the U.S. economic system would continue creating wealth far into the future, Buffett wrote in his letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders: “I’ll repeat what I’ve both said in the past and expect to say in future years: Babies born in America today are the luckiest crop in history.”

Buffett, a major backer of Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, avoided mentioning President Trump or politics more generally in his 28-page letter. Buffett’s shareholder letters are known for covering the investing topics of the day and dispensing folksy wisdom.

Instead, Buffett mostly projected optimism, with a brief shout-out to immigrants — the only possible diversion into politics.

America’s achievements, he wrote, are “miraculous,” and attributable to “combined human ingenuity, a market system, a tide of talented and ambitious immigrants, and the rule of law to deliver abundance beyond any dreams of our forefathers.”

In another noteworthy passage, Buffett explained his outlook for cashing in during market booms.

“Every decade or so, dark clouds will fill the economic skies, and they will briefly rain gold,” he wrote. “When downpours of that sort occur, it’s imperative that we rush outdoors carrying washtubs, not teaspoons,” he wrote.

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