A Japanese translator says people in her profession are having difficulty translating President Trump’s often disorganized and colorful language.

In an interview with the Japan Times, Chikako Tsuruta, who covers Trump-related news as an interpreter for CNN, ABC and CBS, said Trump’s language and “‘factually dubious” assertions make translating his words a challenge.

“He rarely speaks logically, and he only emphasizes one side of things as if it were the absolute truth,” said Tsuruta. “There are lots of moments when I suspected his assertions were factually dubious.”

She said Trump is “so overconfident and yet so logically unconvincing,” that she and her “often joke that if we translated his words as they are, we would end up making ourselves sound stupid.”

Tsuruta isn’t the only translator who says covering Trump is a struggle.

French interpreter Bérengère Viennot told the Las Angeles Review of Books that “Trump is not easy to translate.”

She explained that Trump’s vocabulary “is limited, his syntax is broken; he repeats the same phrases over and over, forcing the translator to follow suit.”

Viennot added that French is a “very structured and logical language” that “reveals the poor quality of his language and, consequently, of his thought.”

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“I think that it is never good to show the smallest defiance toward an allied country.”

02/25/17 10:20 AM

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