Hundreds of Christians are fleeing Egypt’s North Sinai after the Islamic State released a list that calls for their deaths.

Approximately 100 of the region’s 160 Christian families, as well as 200 students studying in the province’s capital of Arish, have departed.

The terrorist group has killed seven people in North Sinai since the beginning of February as part of its insurgency in the region. On Sunday, the Islamic State published a video announcing its campaign against Christians in Egypt. The threat comes two months after the terrorists bombed a chapel attached to Cairo’s St. Mark’s Cathedral, which killed 28 people.

Rami Mina, a Christian who left town on Friday morning, told Reuters she shut down her business and left town because the approaching terrorists are “ruthless.”

Another person, Munir Adel, said his father’s name is the second one on the death list.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi instructed military and police on Thursday to “completely eradicate terrorism” in northern Sinai. But the government is still recovering since Sisi deposed the former Muslim Brotherhood-backed President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

“The government does nothing. There is no security in Sinai, they can’t even protect themselves,” Adel said. “It was an officer who told us to leave.”

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