Love it or hate it, President Trump’s feud with the media has exposed one thing: The mainstream media is not and has never been objective. He’s just willing to call them out for the partisans they have always been.

Does he take it too far by labeling them an “enemy of the American people”? Yes, but he is right to call them out for biased coverage that skews Left. Trump will also come out on top with his war against the establishment media because they lack credibility. And as CBS’ John Dickerson recently said, the “press did all that good work ruining its reputation on its own.”

There is a reason only the Left trusts the media. According to Gallup, trust in media has reached an all-time low. Only 14 percent of Republicans and 30 percent of Independents trust the media, whereas 51 percent of Democrats say they trust the media. Of course, Democrats are going to be more trusting of reporters whose viewpoints more closely mirror their own.

The Media Research Center looked at surveys conducted over the past 25 years and found that journalists are more liberal than the rest of America. They found that if only journalists’ ballots were counted between 1964 and 1992, the Democratic candidate would have won every time. Surveys conducted from 1978-2004 show that journalists are more likely to say they are liberal than conservative and they are more liberal than the public at large.

During the election, the Media Research Center also found that 91 percent of the coverage Trump received was negative. The networks spent 440 minutes focused on controversies surrounding Trump versus 185 minutes spent on controversies surrounding Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton. That number is pretty astounding considering Hillary Clinton was the focus of a criminal FBI investigation dedicated to her private email server and faced pay-to-play allegations involving the Clinton Foundation.

Not only have the media blatantly made up “hostile” meetings between senior adviser Steve Bannon and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, but they have run with a narrative about alleged coordination between Trump officials and Russia that has yet to be verified. The only illegal action that we know has taken place are the leaks.

Yet, according to Newsbusters the morning network shows have spent 18 times more coverage on the notion that the White House has been in crisis following the resignation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn than on criticisms of the national security leaks. The media also ran an unverified dossier connecting Trump to Russia that the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward labeled a “garbage document.”

For recent examples, look no further than the coverage the media have given to simple misstatements from the Trump administration like the “Bowling Green Massacre.” The media barely blinked an eye when the Obama administration intentionally misled the American people about the reason behind the Benghazi terrorist attack. They also couldn’t have cared less when Ben Rhodes, a former deputy national security advisor for President Barack Obama, bragged about lying to them about the Iran deal. Both of those intentional lies had to do with the national security of our country, rather than a slip of the tongue.

Further, look at how issues like abortion are covered by the media. Americans are almost evenly split between identifying as pro-life and pro-choice, yet when has a Democratic candidate ever been grilled by reporters for their beliefs? Republicans consistently face tough questions about being pro-life. Hillary Clinton was let off the hook for holding extreme viewpoints such as her support for abortions at 20 weeks and beyond. The media also didn’t blink an eye when the Democratic Party adopted into their platform the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which has been longstanding bipartisan policy preventing taxpayer funding of abortions.

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Trump’s tactics in dealing with the mainstream media may be controversial and questionable, but at least someone is finally standing up to their bias.

Lisa Boothe is a contributing columnist for The Washington Examiner and president of High Noon Strategies.

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