OXON HILL, Md. — Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker confirmed Thursday that will likely seek a third gubernatorial term in 2018, saying that while he has not formally announced a campaign, he is leaning toward another bid for the governor’s mansion.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner after his speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC, the Wisconsin Republican argued that despite his work in the past six years, his future push for reforms — specifically, welfare reform — is why voters should support him if he runs again in 2018.

“Well, Tommy Thompson told me a long time ago that elections are about the future, so while our record is strong and we’ve got a convincing case that we’ve made three times in the past, that alone isn’t a reason to vote for re-election, should I run,” Walker said. “It’s really going to be laying out another plan — a bigger, bolder plan to take the state further forward.”

“Often times when people ask if I’m going to run, I say it’s simple — when more people are employed than ever before, why wouldn’t I. I haven’t made it official,” Walker said before indicating that he is leaning toward running for a third term in Madison.

“Oh, yeah,” Walker said when asked if he’s leaning toward a run. “And in particular because of the fact that there’s a Republican president and the House and Senate gives me an opportunity for them to send more of those responsibilities and more of those reform opportunities back to the states, that makes me excited about the future.”

At the moment, the former GOP presidential candidate is moving ahead with his push to reform welfare and expand work requirements _ specifically proposing a pilot program that would expand work requirements to able-bodied adults on food stamps who have school-age children, having already implemented reforms in 2014 for able-bodied adults.

In addition to speaking at CPAC on Thursday, Walker is in town for meetings with the Republican Governor’s Association, for which he serves as chairman, and the National Governor’s Association.

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