President Trump sent a message of support to the ethanol industry Tuesday night, saying he will ensure that the Environmental Protection Agency’s renewable fuel program stays intact.

The new administration values “the importance of renewable fuels to America’s economy and to our energy independence,” Trump said in a letter addressing those attending the annual National Ethanol Conference being held this week in San Diego.

The letter was delivered to attendees of the conference on the same day Scott Pruitt worked his first full day as Trump’s newly sworn-in EPA administrator. The renewable fuel industry has been leery of Pruitt because of past comments he made opposing the agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard program.

The program directs refiners to blend an increasing amount of corn-based ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply along with a host of other, more advanced biofuels. The oil industry has called for the program to either be repealed or significantly reformed over fears that too much ethanol could harm vehicle engines and place refiners on the hook for major legal claims.

But Trump attempted to cut through the uncertainty. “Rest assured that your President and this Administration value the importance of renewable fuels to America’s economy and to our energy independence,” he said in a letter.

“As I emphasized throughout my campaign, renewable fuels are essential to America’s energy strategy,” Trump said, making reference to statements he made during the Iowa caucuses in the lead up to his victory in November.

He also vowed to work with the ethanol industry’s lead trade group, the Renewable Fuels Association, to “identify and reform … overzealous, job-killing” regulations that have harmed the renewable fuels industry.

“The RFS has cleaned the air, reduced our dependence on foreign oil and boosted local economies,” said Bob Dinneen, the Renewable Fuels Association’s president and CEO. “Donald Trump understands all this. Consumers benefit from this national policy and our industry looks forward to continuing to be the lowest cost, highest octane fuel in the world.”

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