The Trump administration will issue new guidance on protections for transgender students on Wednesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters.

“I would expect further guidance to come out on that today,” he said. “The president, as I said yesterday, is a firm believer in states’ rights.”

Spicer said Tuesday that Justice Department officials are likely to roll back guidance issued by the Education Department under President Obama that encouraged public schools to permit transgender students to use restrooms of their choice.

While some reports have said the Justice Department and the Department of Education might be split on how to handle the controversial guidance, Spicer downplayed that, and said officials across the Trump administration believe Obama’s guidance needs to be walked back.

“I think where you might be hearing something is more on the timing and the wording of stuff,” Spicer said. “The conclusions, everybody in the administration is agreed upon. There’s no daylight between anybody, between the president, between any of the secretaries.”

Spicer rejected the idea that Trump is making the issue of transgender bathrooms a “priority,” and said the White House has to move quickly because there is an active case in the Supreme Court on the matter that demands immediate action. He also said Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is “100 percent” in support of the change.

“It’s not a priority,” he said. T”here is a case pending in the supreme court in which we have to decide whether or not we have to continue to issue guidance to the court. It’s plain and simple. It’s incumbent on us to actually follow the law and to recognize that Title IX never talked about this.”

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