The White House on Tuesday rejected the idea that President Trump is pursuing “mass deportations” through its executive orders and new policies outlined by the Department of Homeland Security.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer was asked directly Tuesday if the goal was “mass deportations,” but he rejected that idea by saying it’s about setting priorities for deportation.

“All this does is lay out the exact procedures to make sure that that subgroup of people who pose a threat to our nation because of a conviction or violation of public safety or have a criminal record are adjudicated first and foremost,” he said of Trump’s order and related instructions from DHS.

Spicer also said that because the immigration ban has been blocked in court, his effort to boost national security will be on a “dual track system,” as a new order is being developed to get around the court’s objections.

He said the administration remains confident in the legal standing of Trump’s executive order on immigration, which was blocked from implementation by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month.

“Once it is fully adjudicated, we will prevail because the authority is granted to the president to do what he has to to protect the country,” Spicer told reporters. “Until that occurs, we’re going to have a dual track system and we’re going to make sure that we implement a second executive order that is tailored to achieve the same goals but is in accordance with what the court said.”

Spicer said the latest executive order, which is expected to be issued this week, is the product of a collaboration between the White House and departments of State, Justice and Homeland Security. The administration’s goal is “to ensure that the next step achieves the president’s goal of protecting the country and does so in a way that recognizes the concerns that the court had until we prevail at a later time.”

He said the older order that has been challenged in court would not be rescinded when the new order is released.

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