One company laid off 20 employees for skipping work to participate in the protests. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Across the United States, employees skipped work to participate in a protest that was supposed to signify what the country would be like without immigrants. Hoping to have a big impact on the economy and illustrate the importance of immigrants to the U.S., several employees simply didn’t show up to work. They didn’t give notice to their employers, or even bother to call out sick. For one group of employees, they were even told ahead of time that if they chose to skip work they would be let go and could find employment elsewhere. They did not heed the warning. For one company, up to 20 employees were laid off because they all skipped work to participate in the protest.

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Trump vows to fight intolerance after rise in anti-Semitic activity

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President Trump vowed to address prejudice against the African-American and Jewish communities.

02/21/17 10:37 AM

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