Hundreds of scientists rallied on Sunday in Boston to protest President Trump’s “attack” on science within the federal government.

Many participants sported white lab coats and carried signs that read “Follow the Evidence” at the rally in Boston’s Copley Square. The rally was held to coincide with the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, one of the first large gatherings of scientists since Trump’s election in November.

The objections of the protesters were varied. Some were voicing criticism of Scott Pruitt’s appointment to lead the Environmental Protection Agency after he previously was skeptical about evidence of climate change.

Pruitt was confirmed on Friday by a 52-46 vote in the Senate. As Oklahoma attorney general, he previously sued the EPA more than a dozen times.

Participants in the rally were also critical of Trump forbidding employees at the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as other agencies, from speaking with the press. Trump is working to gut the EPA and cut its staff by at least half.

Others called on the president to support and fund research that has lead to advances in health. One sign read: “Got Polio? No! Thank science,” according to the Boston Globe’s report.

Many urged Trump to take climate change seriously as a real threat. The now-president tweeted in November 2012 that the idea of global warming was “created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive,” but has since said the maintains an “open mind” about climate change.

The climate change section was also removed from the White House website hours after Trump took the oath of office.

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