Retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward turned down President Trump’s offer to take over as national security adviser after watching a press conference that Trump led on Thursday.

MSNBC Host Chris Hayes said Friday that Harward made his final decision on the job offer following Trump’s briefing. The anchor alluded that Trump’s approach to the media negatively affected Harward’s decision-making process.

Harward had planned big changes for the National Security Council, but did not receive efficient assurance from Trump that he would have the freedom to make those changes, Hayes added.

In a statement Harward released Thursday evening, he said he was sticking to his retirement plan in order to “address financial and family issues that would have been challenging in this position.”

“My thoughts and prayers are with those that carry such heavy burdens and responsibility for taking care of our country’s national security concerns. God bless this great country of ours,” Harward added.

But as of Thursday evening, Trump was still attempting to convince Harward to change his mind.

Former national security adviser Mike Flynn resigned from the job earlier this week after controversy broke out over his conversations with the Russian ambassador during the transition period.

Earlier on Thursday, Trump told reporters at a White House press conference that his decision to fire Flynn was easier to stomach because he had an “outstanding” candidate to hire as a replacement.

“Harward is conflicted between the call of duty and the obvious dysfunctionality,” a source told Financial Times.

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Harward currently works as a senior executive at Lockheed Martin. In talks with Trump, he had reportedly asked if he could bring in his own team, though K.T. McFarland, the deputy national security adviser, has been asked to stay on following Flynn’s departure.

As a member of the NSC during former President George W. Bush’s administration and former coworker of now-Defense Sec. James Mattis, the administration sees Harward as well qualified for the job.

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