Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill, on Saturday blasted President Trump as a leader who has failed to keep his promises four weeks into office.

“Let’s be honest, this is not the Presidency we were promised. Americans deserve a President whose word they can trust, but the number of broken promises are adding up quickly,” Duckworth said in the Democratic Party’s weekly address. “”This President has certainly made a lot of promises, but so far he has an abysmal record of keeping them.”

Duckworth proceeded to cite examples of Trump’s broken promises, including Trump’s vow to remove himself from his businesses.

“He didn’t. It’s a broken promise that raises serious ethical questions about whether he’s putting the American people first or using the trappings of the Presidency to line his own family’s pockets,” Duckworth said.

On Jan. 11, Trump’s attorney announced he would place his personal holdings in a trust before being sworn into office and would only find out about new deals the Trump Organization makes by reading about it in the newspapers. However, some legal experts have criticized Trump for not fully divesting from his real estate empire by selling it or making it public.

Duckworth then blasted Trump for putting U.S. farmers at risk of losing their jobs after assuring them that he would fight for better, good-paying jobs.

“Those farmers he promised to protect are now at risk of losing their livelihoods because of the President’s reckless threats toward Mexico,” Duckworth said. “Those farmers in Illinois and across the Midwest will be the ones who lose their jobs, their homes and their farms if Mexico stops purchasing billions of dollars of corn each year from our country—as they threatened this week in response to the President’s careless rhetoric.”

As a spokesperson for the Democratic Party, Duckworth said Trump’s picks for three top administration positions have also let the public down.

“For Treasury secretary, he chose ‘foreclosure king’ Steve Mnuchin, a man who made millions pioneering increasingly deceptive and predatory tactics to rob hardworking Americans of their savings and their homes while contributing to the 2008 financial crisis,” Duckworth railed.

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“He wanted Andy Puzder to be his Labor secretary. That’s the same Andrew Puzder whose fast-food businesses required employees to serve and prepare food even when they were sick—though I don’t know why he thought people would want to eat food prepared by sick workers,” Duckworth added.

Puzder dropped out this week after Senate Republicans indicated they had concerns about Trump’s choice.

“And for his national security adviser, President Trump’s choice left himself exposed to blackmail, betrayed our country’s interests and—just 24 days into the job—lost the trust of the commander in chief and the American people,” Duckworth said.

Despite Trump’s record, the senator said Trump’s new choice to replace Flynn, as well as the remaining vacant Cabinet position must be someone who all Americans can trust.

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