President Trump touted the efforts his administration had made at creating jobs this week when he delivered his weekly address via Facebook Live on Friday, dismissing the opinions of “bureaucrats, consultants and pundits” in the process.

“We have taken major steps during the first few weeks of my administration to remove wasteful regulations and get our people back to work,” Trump said, highlighting his decision to sign legislation that removed coal regulations earlier in the week. “We are not here for the benefits of bureaucrats, consultants or pundits.”

The weekly address is typically filmed on Friday afternoons and released publicly on Saturday mornings. However, the White House has been releasing it on social media in keeping with Trump’s practice of relying heavily on mediums like Twitter and Facebook to bypass the traditional press.

“I campaigned on helping women in the workforce, and we are going to deliver on that promise,” Trump said.

He pointed to the women entrepreneurs’ roundtable he held on Tuesday with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as well as the economic council the two had created to boost women business leaders in both countries.

Trump also reflected on his meeting on Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during which the president shook up U.S.-Israeli relations by deferring to Netanyahu on the necessity of a two-state solution and promising renewed collaboration on the fight against terrorism in the region.

“The threat of terrorism — and believe me, it is a threat — must be confronted and defeated,” Trump said.

After a week of turmoil that saw the departure of Trump’s former national security adviser, Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump reaffirmed his commitment to deliver for his supporters and suggested he did not care what Washington insiders said about the implementation of his agenda.

“The American people should know that we are working tirelessly on your behalf,” Trump said. “We are here to work for you and only for you.”

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