On the same day President Trump squared off with the White House press corps, upscale Washington restaurants shuttered to protest his immigration policies.

“A Day Without Immigrants” was a general strike held Thursday, with supporters trying to show what they believe would happen if Trump’s hardline stance went into effect: drastically fewer immigrants in schools, shopping and working in the nation’s major cities.

But in the nation’s capital, restaurant patrons were hardest hit. Nearly half the city’s food industry workers are estimated to be foreign-born, leading to more than two dozen Washington restaurant closures.

Celebrity chef Jose Andres closed down all five of his high-end D.C. eateries. He has been battling Trump since 2015, when he pulled out of a plan to open a restaurant in the lobby of the future president’s Washington hotel. The move was prompted by Trump’s comments about Mexican illegal immigrants during his campaign announcement speech.

Women could be seen standing dejectedly outside Hank’s Oyster Bar in Old Town Alexandria. It too was closed for business in solidarity with striking immigrant workers. “I guess I’ll have to blame the president for this,” one of them complained.

One prominent D.C. chef had proposed an industry-wide shutdown, telling the Washingtonian, “Let the city see what impact it has when all their favorite restaurants are closed.”

Similar strikes and protests occurred in 2006, after House Republicans refused to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill many of them regarded as amnesty and instead advanced legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants. The House bill went nowhere in the Republican-controlled Senate, though its architect, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., currently chairs the House Immigration and Border Security Committee.

Yet the latest wave of protests come as Trump has stepped up raids against illegal immigrants, with Immigration and Customs Enforcement sweeping up nearly 700 people earlier this month.

There were also sizeable demonstrations when Trump issued his ban on travel and immigration from seven majority-Muslim countries. The executive order is currently tied up in court and the president promised to reissue it during his Thursday press conference.

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Mayors of so-called sanctuary cities — local jurisdictions where authorities do not cooperate with immigration enforcement — have threatened to defy the administration.

New York City has considered wiping out the records used to acquire city ID cards out of concern the Trump administration might obtain them and use the information against cardholders who happen to be illegal immigrants. The city was temporarily ordered not to proceed with these deletions after two Republican state legislators from Staten Island filed a lawsuit.

Final arguments on the suit were completed earlier this month and a ruling could come any day now. Jeff Alfano, the attorney representing the lawmakers who sued, said it would be a bad idea to eliminate “the documents that document the undocumented.”

“You don’t give out a million pieces of identification and then destroy it,” Alfano said.

Trump’s first nominee for secretary of labor, fast food CEO Andrew Puzder, withdrew Wednesday. He had a record employing foreign workers and opposing the kind of crackdown the president now suggests.

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Immigration policy concerns were one factor in keeping Puzder from getting the votes he needed to be confirmed by the narrowly Republican Senate.

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