One float, called "Big Bang," is a commentary on the new U.S. president and America's gun culture at the annual Carnival of Viareggio event.

A glitzy festival in Tuscany, Italy this month features a taste of the United States, in the form of cowboy gunslingers and President Trump’s head.

The annual Carnival of Viareggio event dates back to 1873, and is a well-known European tradition that is full of colorful costumes, music and floats. One float, called “Big Bang,” is a commentary on the new U.S. president and America’s gun culture.

“In the America that has elected Donald Trump as the next president of the United States, there are those who are fighting in defence of the constitutional law for the right to bear arms,” the float’s description says, according to the Guardian. “The consequences, however, are clear when one looks at the long list of crimes or of domestic accidents caused by the use of guns and rifles. Just as if we were in a modern saloon of the wild west, in the artists’ view Donald Trump is the symbol of all this.”

The float, created by the Cinquini brothers, has a giant representation of Trump’s gaping maw. On his head stands someone dressed up as the Statue of Liberty. The float also has neon light displays, reminiscent of downtown Las Vegas, including a cowboy brandishing a pistol and flashing a thumbs up.

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