Republicans still haven’t pinned down specifics around Obamacare repeal and replace as they depart for a week-long President’s Day recess.

Lawmakers emerging from a meeting of Republicans Thursday morning said they heard only general ideas from leadership and from Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, more evidence of the difficulty Republicans face as they try to reshape the Affordable Care Act in ways that are both legislatively possible and politically tenable.

“I think there’s a roadmap,” said Bill Huizenga, R-Mich. “Whether we are going to be taking a six lane highway or a four lane highway, I don’t think that’s been determined yet.”

It was House Republicans’ first meeting with Price, a former representative, in his new role as Health and Human Services Secretary. Price has said he would help change the healthcare law through administrative changes, but didn’t detail more actions beyond the marketplace changes his agency proposed this week, members said. Nor did leadership offer any specifics about the elements that will be in a repeal and replace bill or how much it will cost.

“There were no numbers at this point,” said Rep. Bill Flores, R-Texas. “One of the things we need to do is get legislative text.”

One thing is clear: Republicans involved in crafting Obamacare changes have moved firmly into the camp of doing repeal and replace in one legislative vehicle, allowing them to bypass Democrats in the process. They plan to use a budget reconciliation bill which requires just a simple Senate majority to pass.

“We’re trying to get as many replacement ideas into the reconciliation bill as possible,” said a staffer who was in the room.

At the Thursday meeting, leadership laid out the fundamental ideas they want to include in a repeal and replace bill. Those include refundable tax credits to help some people buy private plans, Medicaid reforms, funding high-risk pools and expanding the use of tax-free health savings accounts.

But the ongoing challenge is in the details: How to structure the health benefits, how to pay for them and how to get an often-divided Republican conference on board with it all.

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Sources say Republicans are working closely off House Speaker Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan, and are checking with the Congressional Budget Office on how its different elements would score. But that process takes time, and markups on legislation won’t begin until March.

Committee leaders were tight-lipped about details, and instead laid out the general principles they’re working with. But they promised legislation will be ready at some point after they return from recess.

“No decisions have been made,” said Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady, R-Texas. “We’re going to come back ready to legislate.”

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