A California man accused of purchasing firearms used in the 2015 San Bernardino, Calif., attack has agreed to plead guilty to charges of conspiring to supply weapons to terrorists and making false statements while making “straw purchases” of the rifles, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Prosecutors say Enrique Marquez Jr. had planned terrorist attacks on a freeway and city college in the San Bernardino area in 2011 and 2012 with Sayed Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Those attacks were “fortunately, not carried out,” Mary McCord, the acting assistant attorney general for national security, said in a statement.

“Marquez also admitted to making a false statement as part of his straw purchases of weapons for Farook — weapons that were eventually used to carry out the deadly terrorist attack in San Bernardino,” McCord added. “Holding those who threaten our national security and public safety accountable will always be the highest priority of the national security division and I want to thank all of the agents, analysts and prosecutors who are responsible for this result.”

Farook, along with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, shot and killed 14 people in a December 2015 attack in San Bernardino after being radicalized and inspired by Islamic terrorists. Both were killed in a shootout with police.

Authorities said two guns used in that attack were purchased by Marquez.

Marquez, who was once a neighbor of Farook’s and attended the same mosque in 2010, is expected to plead guilty Thursday in federal court in Riverside, Calif.

He faces up to 25 years in a federal prison according to a news release.

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