Kellyanne Conway can’t keep away from the news.

In a “Saturday Night Live” digital sketch inspired by “Fatal Attraction,” Kate McKinnon’s increasingly unhinged Conway tried to seduce CNN anchor and “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett reprising the role) into letting her back on the cable news program.

“I just want to be a part of the news, Jake,” McKinnon said, sidling over to Bennett in a lingerie dress after breaking into his home. CNN had declined to book the White House adviser because of “credibility issues.” Conway faced controversy last week when she wrongly claimed that the media hadn’t covered the non-existent “Bowling Green massacre.”

“We can’t have you on TV if you’re just going to lie!” Bennett retorted. In response, McKinnon pulls out a knife, licking it and threatening to do something “really crazy” like “a free commercial for Ivanka’s shoes.”

Conway was reprimanded earlier this week for promoting Ivanka Trump’s fashion line, which was dropped by Nordstrom and various other outlets after public outrage against President Trump’s policies.

After Bennett yells that doing that would be illegal, McKinnon throws the knife at the wall and breaks down after attempting to call HuffPost Live for a gig.

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“You’re a monster!” Bennett finally says before McKinnon falls out the window and lands in a twist of limbs. Bennett looks out the window, aghast, until McKinnon suddenly wakes up and cracks her limbs back into place.

“I’m fine but I only have three lives left,” McKinnon calls to Bennett. She turns to the camera: “See you in the news.”

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