“Saturday Night Live” host Alec Baldwin made his Trump impression scarce on this week’s episode of the comedy sketch show, despite his public feud with President Trump over his depiction. But the actor finally made an appearance as Trump, over an hour into the show, during a “Judge Judy” parody of the 9th Circuit Court proceedings over the immigration ban.

Trump was introduced as asking for “broad, unchecked power” while the 9th Circuit Court judges were introduced as the defendants, accused of “I guess, knowing the Constitution..?”

Cecily Strong played the unnamed Judge Judy-like character, approaching the entire proceedings with an air of disbelief, telling Baldwin, “You understand this is a TV court, right?”

“That’s okay, I’m a TV president,” Baldwin responded.

Baldwin defended his executive order, arguing that his immigration ban should go through and that he also deserves $725. As a character witness, Baldwin brings out a shirtless Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett), who calls Trump “a great friend” who “will do anything for you, go against his own country just to make you happy.”

Baldwin finally demands to settle, but a frustrated Strong interrupts him, closing out the case by telling him, “You’re doing way too much! I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me.”

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But Trump isn’t done, with the preview for the next case being Trump versus a manager at Nordstrom’s, poking fun yet again at Ivanka Trump’s dropped fashion line at the outlet.

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