Thirty-five percent of Americans do not foresee themselves ever supporting President Trump and want Democrats to oppose him at every turn, according to a CBS poll released Sunday.

This group, whom CBS labeled “the resisters,” is angry and pessimistic.

“Resisters want the Democrats to oppose Mr. Trump on many more things, rather than try to work with him; demographically, they are much more likely to be either African-American or Hispanic,” CBS wrote.

However, the resisters may be a more potent force on the streets than at the ballot box. Four in ten of them did not even vote in the 2016 election, a lower rate of participation than those who strongly back Trump.

The survey, conducted by YouGov Feb. 8-10 using a sample of 2216 U.S. adults, categorized 22 percent of respondents as “believers” who do not put conditions on their backing for Trump. This group is more focused on security and fighting terrorism than jobs, and thinks “restoring law and order” is the biggest thing Trump can do to “make America great again.”

Another 22 percent support Trump but could withdraw their backing if they don’t like his performance and he does not fix the economy.

In a sign Trump can expand his base of support, 21 percent say that while they oppose him, they could change their mind depending on how he does particularly with respect to the economy. But they say they also want Trump “to reach out to them, and they want respect.”

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