House Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley on Saturday deemed the past three weeks since President Trump was sworn into office “perhaps, the most significant test of our lifetime.”

Speaking on behalf of congressional Democrats in the party’s weekly address, the New York representative claimed the Republican commander in chief has launched attacks on the Constitution and America’s democracy.

“There’s been a lot of talk lately about what is America, and what is American,” Crowley said.

“What’s American is people welcoming refugees and families at arrival gates. It’s lawyers upholding the Constitution from an airport floor and a laptop. It’s young people discovering the need for civic engagement. And children learning that no matter who you are, or where you came from, or what you believe, you are welcome here.”

Trump had issued an executive action on Jan. 27 that temporarily suspended immigration from seven countries in the Middle East and North Africa. A number of state attorneys general sued the administration, alleging the action discriminates against Muslims, who make up the majority of those countries’ populations.

The Washington state suit escalated to an appeals court, which ruled in favor of a Seattle judge on Tuesday to continue a restraining order on the lower judge’s ruling.

“In attacking our Constitution, the fundamental tenets of our democracy and who we are as a people, President Trump has dismissed everything we stand for. Everything our ancestors fought for,” Crowley said.

Trump said the order was put into effect until stronger vetting protocols for those countries can be put into place to ensure terrorists do not embed as refugees or asylum-seekers to enter the U.S.

Crowley charged that the country has rallied behind Democrats’ principles and will continue to “resist,” though he did not state what a victory for the party would look like.

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“My fellow Americans, this is not a political fight – this is a fight for our future. This is about our democracy. This is about our country. This is about our people – and making our voices heard,” Crowley finished.

“And let me tell you: it’s working. And I know this is a fight we will win.”

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