President Trump ripped the New York Times on Friday morning for stating he had not spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping since November and not mentioning the two leaders’ phone call on Thursday, even though the first sentence of the story references the recent call.

Trump and Xi spoke for the first time since his inauguration Thursday night and the New York Times reported on the call with a story. The first sentence of the story mentions that Trump and Xi spoke on the phone and later on in the story, the Times states Xi and Trump had not spoken “since Nov. 14, the week after he was elected.”

“The failing @nytimes does major FAKE NEWS China story saying ‘Mr.Xi has not spoken to Mr. Trump since Nov.14.’ We spoke at length yesterday!” Trump tweeted.

Trump has been a major critic of the Times during the election and the early days of his presidency.

In the call, Trump reportedly told Xi he would honor the One-China policy, an issue that was thrown into doubt when Trump last year spoke with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen.

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