White House officials have been forced to spend time and energy defending one of their own over the past three weeks as Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, committed a string of headline-grabbing gaffes that have created distractions for the fledgling administration.

First, Conway handed critics a clean catchphrase by using the term “alternative facts” during a Jan. 23 interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Then, she invited scorn by referring to the non-existent “Bowling Green massacre” or “attack” during several interviews between Jan. 29 and Feb. 2, apparently confusing the arrest of two Iraqi refugees on terrorism charges in Bowling Green, Ky., with an actual terror attack.

And on Thursday, she drew a rebuke from Democrats, ethics watchdogs and even the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee when she advocated for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line during an interview with Fox News.

Conway’s sunny interview style and unflappability in the face of often withering criticism has made her a fixture of cable news and one of the most visible faces of the Trump administration.

Her recent spate of viral snafus mark a significant contrast from the days of the campaign, when she frequently roasted Trump critics and effortlessly defended her boss’ improprieties in the media.

It wasn’t more than a month ago that the New York Times described her as “quick-witted, confident and comfortable on television” after she spent weeks working to convince Americans that Trump’s transition operation was progressing swimmingly.

Conway’s current rank within the administration came after Trump had first asked her to serve as White House press secretary, a prestigious position typically reserved for brilliant and thick-skinned communications professionals. After all, the president had told supporters the night of his inauguration that Conway was more fearless and daring than many of her male counterparts during the transition.

“When my men are petrified to go on a certain network, I say ‘Kellyanne, would you do it?'” he said. “Then she gets on and just destroys them.”

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But the past few weeks have seen Conway stumble significantly, and her performance since Trump took office has affected her ability to serve as a mouthpiece for the administration.

Over the weekend, CNN declined to host Conway as a guest on its Sunday program over concerns about her “credibility” as a spokesperson for the White House.

Although White House press secretary Sean Spicer later claimed the network had walked back its indictment of Conway, CNN responded by issuing a statement that it did indeed question Conway’s credibility enough to exclude her from the Sunday show.

Conway appeared on the network Tuesday to defend Trump’s claims that the media did not adequately cover terror attacks.

Spicer said Thursday that Conway had been “counseled” over what she had described as a “free commercial” for Ivanka Trump’s products, but critics still pushed for disciplinary action. Hours later, both the Republican chairman and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee asked the Office of Government Ethics to review the legality of Conway’s remarks.

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The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

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