The FBI is probing the communications between National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Russian Ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak for possible legal violations, according to a report.

The two spoke in the month before President Trump was sworn in, which is not illegal.

But the FBI is trying to determine whether Flynn, a retired general who used to head the Defense Intelligence Agency, tampered with US foreign policy during President Obama’s lame duck phase, the two-and-a-half months between Trump’s election and his swearing in as president.

At issue is the sanctions America has leveled against Russia for various infractions, including alleged interference-by-hacking in the November presidential election.

What Flynn was enjoined by law against doing was promising the Russians a different outcome and thereby undermining the force of Obama’s actions.

The White House said and Flynn initially stated that he did not discuss sanctions with the ambassador, but he has subsequently changed his story.

A spokesman told the Washington Post that while Flynn “had no recollection of discussing sanctions,” he didn’t want to state for “certain that the topic never came up.”

Sources familiar with the investigation also told the paper that “while sanctions were discussed” in the conversation between Flynn and Kislyak, they saw no slam dunk “evidence that Flynn had an intent to convey an explicit promise to take action [on removing sanctions] after the inauguration.”

If so, the investigation is not likely to lead to legal action against Flynn. Yet it might lead to some awkward moments in the White House.

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One of the people who publicly denied Flynn had discussed sanctions before the Trump inaugural was Vice President Mike Pence.

Democrats are looking to make political hay over the investigation. Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., released a statement saying, “If this new report is true, we need to ask not only whether General Flynn should be leading our national security efforts, but whether he should even hold a security clearance.”

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