President Trump’s personal attorney is looking for an apology after a White House pool reporter sent a tweet stating incorrectly that he still works for the Trump Organization.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Yahoo News’ Hunter Walker tweeted that he spotted “Trump Organization executive Michael Cohen at the White House.”

Three hours later, Cohen replied to Hunter’s tweet, informing the reporter of his mistake. Cohen accused Hunter of already knowing that he would be serving Trump in the White House as his personal lawyer, which was reported right before the Jan. 20 inauguration. Prior to accepting his new role, Cohen had served as executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to Trump.

Hunter said he wasn’t aware of the job change, and offered his congratulations. He also sent out a fresh tweet formally announcing that Cohen had informed him of his job change and another with a link to a story featuring further information on Cohen’s new gig.

None of that seemed to satisfy Cohen, who asked, “Where’s the apology?” in response to one Twitter user’s comment on the exchange.

“[A]nd they wonder why #Americans don’t trust the media!” he added in reply to another.

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The fledgling Trump administration has already grappled with the White House press pool in its first three weeks. Last month President Trump and his press secretary, Sean Spicer, condemned Time’s Zeke Miller for reporting incorrectly (and quickly retracting) that the Martin Luther King bust in the Oval Office had been removed when Trump move in.

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