President Trump’s team plans to use a database of crimes committed by people who entered the country illegally as a roster for facilitating deportations, according to the head of the Department of Homeland Security.

John Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general who was one of Trump’s first two cabinet nominees to receive Senate confirmation, told lawmakers that the office managing the database will report directly to him. In the early years of the administration, the staff will coordinate with the families of crime victims to keep them apprised of the perpetrator’s case.

“And you can bet that my people will be standing there when he is paroled to take him into custody and send him back to wherever he came from,” Kelly told a House Homeland Security subcommittee panel.

Trump cited individual examples of such crimes during the presidential campaign to punctuate the need for additional border security, although the federal government currently lacks data to to say how many take place annually.

“The rate of murder may be lower or higher than other groups, but when we are talking about people, violent crime is never zero,” the Center for Immigration Studies’ Steven Camarota, whose organization favors stricter immigration policies, told Politifact last year. “By the same token, it cannot be thousands every year. But adding up a few years then it has to be in the ‘thousands.’ There are a lot of murders in America and there are a lot illegal immigrants, so the statement has to be true.”

The anecdotes dominated political debates about immigration in the 2016 elect cycle, particularly after a San Francisco woman was shot by a man who had previously been deported but returned to the sanctuary city. Congressional Republicans eventually invited the parents of individuals killed by people who took refuge in sanctuary cities to testify about their experiences.

“I am not a one-story mother,” Laura Wilkerson, one of those witnesses, told House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at a recent CNN townhall. “This happens every day because there are no laws enforcing the border.”

Kelly said his team would work with the victims’ families while the cases are prosecuted as well. “Those people could expect from us, if they call and say how’s that case going — the person who murdered my daughter with a gun, or ran over my son with an automobile, or killed a police officer on the side of the road — how is that going?” he said. “So we will be able to give a description of what it is.”

Graham: Attack against Sessions is an 'attack on conservatism'

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Sen. Lindsey Graham argued Tuesday that Democratic attacks against Sen. Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be the next attorney general are really just attacks against conservatism, because Democrats don’t think any Republican is qualified to lead the Department of Justice.

“The bottom line is that most of things said about Jeff Sessions and the way he acted as a senator could be said about almost all of us on this side who consider themselves conservative,” Graham, R-S.C., said on the Senate floor.

He noted that the NAACP has a scorecard that puts all Republicans at 25 percent or lower when it comes to upholding that group’s values. Democrats, in contrast, score 100 percent or in the high 90s.

“Not only did Jeff Sessions

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Federal appeals court will rule on executive order, which may then be taken up by Supreme Court.

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