More than a dozen House Democrats have put forward a resolution commending former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce President Trump’s executive order on immigration, which promptly led Trump to fire her last week.

The resolution from Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-N.Y., praised Yates for deciding to “faithfully uphold the Constitution by refusing to carry out orders that are contrary to our laws, ideals, and founding document.”

Yates declared last week that she believed Trump’s executive order temporarily banning all refugee admittance and immigration from seven countries was a violation of the law. But she made that decision on her own, without a court ruling, and Trump fired her.

Clarke’s resolution said Yates “faithfully upheld the Constitution and defended American values of tolerance, compassion, and respect for diversity.”

It also held that Yates’ actions “fulfill her commitment to the Senate Judiciary Committee to refuse to carry out orders that are unfaithful to the Constitution.”

“Ms. Yates will stand as a role model of professional ethics for men and women across the nation for years to come,” it added.

Democrats have said Trump’s order violates the Constitution because it targets immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries. But the Trump administration has argued that those seven countries were identified by the Obama administration as countries of concern because of the presence of terrorist countries there.

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